Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pond Hill Farm (G.N.M.B.A.--Part 3)

Sunday morning, after having another yummy breakfast at Roast and Toast, we headed over to Harbor Springs. That's where we found Pond Hill Farm.

It's this great organic farm and CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). They have a small store that sells organic and natural products (we bought some sandalwood soap) and a great little cafe. We also were able to walk around and see the animals. That's were we met this goose...

...who seemed far too busy preening itself to bother with the likes of us. We also saw cows, sheep, chickens and goats. I made sure to thank the sheep for the lovely wool they supply for knitting, although I wasn't really sure if these sheep were wool-giving sheep. Anyway, they seemed more interested in the idea of me feeding them.

There was also a strange contraption on the farm called a Squash Rocket.

This giant sling shot is used to shoot veggies in the field for the animals to eat. Fun for all!

We also decided to partake in the strawberry picking. We picked a bunch of lovely, non-toxic strawberries.


After that we took off down the road and headed north through the Tunnel of Trees.

Our next stop? Mackinac Island!


Jonathan said...

The Tunnel of Trees was amazing! Though the road was so narrow it makes you wonder how anyone can possibly get a moving truck through there.

the poet nimble said...

Beautiful. Wild. Deep in my heart.