Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Superman! You Better Work It, Boy!

I went over to Endicott Studio this morning and they had a post about superhero fashion.

What fun!

Here's a link to the Metropolitan Museum of Art that's holding the show entitled, "Superheros: Fashion and Fantasy".


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Green Lantern's Light

The garden received it's official signage today. Whoo-hoo!!!

I, along with Jonathan, set up everything for the garden.

For those geeks that heart comics (me included), there is a superhero symbol in the garden that happened by accident. So, then the question became: Which G.L. is the official guardian of the garden?

Is it Hal? Nah.

Definitely NOT Gardner! Although his name fits best. ;o)

I really like John Stewart, but...

I ended up settling on Ch'p, 'cause he's too cute for school!

hee, hee!

On to other plant-like news. I also helped a bit this morning with the planting of the downtown pots in Bowling Green.

Check them out, if you're heading down to Bowling Green!
They always fill them with beautiful plants and flowers.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Beginnings Of A Garden

Things are starting to move along with my community garden. Last Thursday Jonathan put up the fence for me. It's 24 inch chicken wire with 36 inch stakes. We initially had purchased 24 inch stakes and discovered that wasn't going to work. Luckily, Vicki (the horticulturist) traded us.

As a side note: after putting up the fence we went to see Iron Man.
Tony Stark is my new favorite billionaire playboy. Sorry Bruce Wayne.

On Saturday morning, in the rain and mud, I planted a bunch of marigolds along the perimeter. And I made a little garden of marigolds and one thyme plant at the back of the garden.

I saw these yellow marigolds and fell for them immediately. They are called African marigolds even though they're actually from Mexico. They apparently get fairly large and lovely.

I think the other marigolds I planted are French marigolds. If so, they are also from Mexico. They won't get nearly as big as the African marigolds, though.

Now, I'll need to diagram out the garden to see what will be planted and where. I don't think I'm going to be able to put in everything that I initially planned, but there will definitely be tomatoes (everyone is requesting them).

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Garden Fever

I'm lovin' all things gardening right now. This year I'm going to have my own garden at the 577 Foundation. They have a community garden program there and I got in this year. Hooray!! Except that now I'm completely consumed with garden fever. I actually read seed packets in bed last night. I dreamed about planting rows and rows of kohlrabi. I'm not even planting kohlrabi (that dream may have had something to do with the seedling tray I filled yesterday at the 577).

Every individual garden has a name, so I had to come up with one too. What did I choose? Titania's Wild Thyme. Thanks go out to Shakespeare for the inspiration. :o)

I have lots of veggies planned for the garden...
Bell Peppers
Summer Squash
Pole Beans
Celery well as herbs...
Flat-leaf Parsley
Thyme (of course)

...and I'm going to have a raised bed of flowers for cutting.

I'm going out today to get the fencing material as well as bamboo poles for vertical growth. I'm growing both the cucumbers and the pole beans vertically. I also need to get materials for making the raised beds.

I'll leave you with a picture...

This hibiscus caught my eye the other day. I think it's beautiful...