Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Little Traverse Wheelway (G.N.M.B.A.--Part 2)

The whole time we were on the Vasa Trail I'd been smack-talking about how I was going to beat Jonathan at miniature golf and that he was going to cry like a little girl. So, that afternoon we headed over to Pirate's Cove in Traverse City.

I lost.

I lost twice.

That's what happens when you smack-talk. :o)

After my defeat we hung out at the lake, enjoyed a beautiful sunset...

...and watched fireworks from our hotel balcony.

Moving on to day two...

The next day we headed over to East Park to get on the Little Traverse Wheelway.

This is a great trail, with amazing views...

Our first stop on the trail was Petoskey, which wasn't very far from East Park. We had to stop at our favorite coffee shop in Northern Michigan--Roast and Toast -- for some tasty breakfast fuel.


After that, we jumped on our bikes and continued our adventure on the Little Traverse Wheelway. Along the way we stopped at the Petoskey State Park to dunk our feet in the lake.

Later in the afternoon we strolled around Charlevoix and ate dinner at the most awesome Cajun restaurant that I have ever eaten at...Pearl's.

Jonathan and I eat there every time we're in Northern Michigan. The food is amazing. If you're ever in the area, GO! Unless, of course, you don't like Cajun food. It's located in Elk Rapids, which is a little town nestled between Charlevoix and Traverse City. Try the buttermilk pie with cinnamon ice cream. You'll love it!

To end the day we went for a brief kayak ride and then watched the moon rise over Elk Lake.

It was a good day.

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Jonathan said...

Correction: It was a GREAT day!

Also, you forgot to mention the Red Mesa Grill! YUM!

And, full disclosure, our mini-golf games were very close, but we had a distracting number of children crowding us, sometimes even running onto our green to look at the course! I had as much fun playing as I did watching the little ones having their own adventures.

Also, we stopped into this art gallery that had a lot of great finds including amazing hand crafted kalediscopes. They could have been ours for only $3000!