Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mackinac Island (G.N.M.B.A.--Part 4)

When you're creating your own bike adventure and that bike adventure happens to be set in Northern Michigan, then it is imperative that you visit Mackinac Island. Why? Because on Mackinac Island there are no cars. None. They were banned a long time ago to insure the health and safety of the island inhabitants. So, what's left? Bicycles. Tons of them. And horse-drawn carriages. Here's a parking lot on Mackinac Island...

It's a bit like stepping into an alternate reality. I also got a sense of what it must have smelled like back in the 19th century (the horses and all). Luckily, there are people who constantly pick up after the horses. To them I say, "Thank you!".

We decided to ride around the bike path that encircles the island, stopping every now and then to enjoy the views.

It's hard to see in the picture above but the Mackinac Bridge is in the far distance. It's the bridge that connects the mitten to the U.P. Here's a closer view.

We also sat outside the Grand Hotel and took in the scenery. The Grand Hotel is about the size of my summer cottage. So quaint. ;o)

After that we treated ourselves to some tasty ice cream, got on the ferry to take us back to the mainland and headed home. It was a wonderful weekend!

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