Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Knitting Drought

In case anyone was wondering why I hadn't mentioned any knitting projects recently--I don't knit in the summertime. It's just something I don't do. I don't know exactly why I have such a difficult time knitting in the summer. I mean lots of people are capable of knitting in every single season without repercussions. I knit in autumn. I knit in winter. But as soon as spring comes along the needles start gathering dust. Maybe it's because I want to be outside, playing in the dirt. Or because wool and hot weather just don't work together for me. I can't really give a reason, I just know I don't do it.

I have, however, recently found myself thinking about knitting projects for Christmas presents. And as I'm thinking about these projects, I start planning a trip or two or four to the local yarn shop. Currently, I'm thinking my first seasonal excursion to my LYS will be late August/early September.

Now, while I don't really knit in the summer, I do have one or two projects lying lazily about that might get worked on intermittently during the summer season.

Here is one of those layabout projects...

It's a pair of socks. I have one complete sock finished. The other one is barely started on the needles. The yarn is fingering weight Merino Cashmere in Orchid by The Knittery. It was a gift from Sarah.

Will I finish soon? Probably not. But, then again, maybe I will. Here's to the eternal optimism of the sporadic knitter.

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sarah lou said...

those are gorgeous! i'm glad to see you finished them up, too, while i catch up here. i hope they kept your tootsies toasty this winter! :)