Monday, July 20, 2009


I've been wanting to create miniature fairy gardens for some time now. A friend of mine told me about Mulberry Creek Herb Farm. She said that they specialized in organic herbs and miniature plants. So, this past weekend my husband and I headed to the farm.

Even though it was the end of their season (they close in August), we still found all types of wonderful plants. We purchased a few and I am now in the process of creating my first tiny fairy garden.

Here are some pictures of the garden I'm working on:

Spikemoss, Dwarf Mound (Selaginella brownii)

Ficus, Willow-leaf (Ficus subulata [salicifolia])

Ficus, Creeping Tiny Oak-Leaf (Ficus pumila 'Quercifolia Minima')

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