Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Oh Chamouny & Dancing Daffodils

Today's title might seem odd, but it's in reference to my graduate school days. I took a Romanticism class and we had to read so many poems that the only way to get through them and remain sane was to read them aloud to one another in funny accents. Chamouny refers to Coleridge's poem. And Daffodils? That's Wordsworth. I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet Literary Lesson of the Day.

Why, you ask, did such an obscure memory resurface? Because of Daffodils! Specifically the Daffodil yarn that Karen gifted me with yesterday! She wasn't fond of it and I surely loved it, so she gave the yarn to me. And when I make it into socks I shall name one "Chamouny" & the other "Daffodil".

Thanks, Karen!!!

And in other yarn news...

Some awesome yarn arrived from Cider Moon via Sarah.

Two skeins of Winter Twilight in Glacier.

One skein of The Undertaker's Daughter in Glacier. The Undertaker's Daughter yarn is super exclusive and completely sold out! It's based on the webcomic by Eric Palicki (Sarah's boyfriend).

All this new yarn makes me smile!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Bread, Blankets & Harvey Dent

A wonderful evening of food and knitting was had at Sarah's yesterday. We made Focaccia bread with a bit of rosemary. It was a large loaf at one point, but there is no photo of it as the bread quickly ended up like this:

We also had yummy salad and pasta and chicken. I didn't eat the chicken as I'm staying away from meat at the moment, but Jonathan enjoyed it very much.

And, of course, there was knitting fun as well.

Sarah blocked her sister's dream swatch wrap and worked on her Harvey Dent socks.

And I worked on the baby blanket that is taking me a very loooong time to complete.

Sarah also gave me a tour of Ravelry. What an awesome site! I can't wait until it is ready for prime time!

So, all and all a fun day!

Friday, July 6, 2007

The Tomatoes Are Growing

Vegetables eaten straight from the garden are by far the tastiest treats! For the last two years we've had an organic garden in my parents' backyard. It was a project I took up with a friend of mine, but due to life's unpredictable nature she had to bow out. The garden was too large for me to maintain on my own. So, no vegetable garden this year. However, we do have a single tomato plant growing in a container. I can't wait until the tomatoes are ready to eat!

To get my gardening fix I have taken to filling my parents' yard with an assortment of flowers and plants.

So far, my craving for blooms and greenery has been satiated.