Thursday, July 7, 2011

Staying Put

I contemplated starting a new blog, but I've decided to stay put. Instead, I just updated it a bit. I also hope to be a bit more diligent in my blogging and write more about everything that interests me (like books filled with adventure and chocolate cookies dipped in chocolate) and everything that I'm doing (painting, writing and taking classes).

Speaking of classes, I'm taking my first sewing class next week. I haven't sewn since 7th grade Home Economics. How did I sew that neon pink apron, anyway? I've completely forgotten. The class is being held at Crafty Planet. They carry so many beautiful, whimsical and kitschy fabrics. I've been looking forward to this for months. Their classes fill up so fast that it took a couple tries before I actually scored a spot.

I'm taking the Sew A Tote class. I've already chosen the fabrics. I went for a super-fun-ninja design.

The bolder fabric on the left will be the outside and the fabric on the right will be the inside (the characters are little ninjas).

I can't wait!

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