Monday, July 11, 2011

Crushing On: Papaya!

Have you ever seen something and immediately fallen in love with it?

That's what happened to me when I first saw Papaya's glittering art panels. I was instantly smitten. It was 2007 and I had recently taken some tentative steps towards reclaiming my own creativity. I think that's partially why I loved the art panels--they were filled with inspiring energy. Soon my own creative space was decorated with three of them:

So what is Papaya! exactly?

It's a creative company started by a mother (Gina Katkin) and a daughter (Anahata Katkin). In the beginning they mainly used Anahata Katkin's journal art for the cards and decorative prints they sold. They even glittered everything by hand (click here for a great blog post interview with Gina Katkin).

The wonderful thing is that Papaya! has grown more amazing with every passing year. They continue to expand their product lines with everything from water bottles to luxe totes. Anahata Katkin's art remains at the center of the Papaya! universe, but they've also incorporated the works of other artists, including Sabrina Ward Harrison and Flora Bowley.

They've even opened a retail space in Ashland, Oregon. Unfortunately, it's almost 2,000 miles from my current location. Private jet, anyone?

What I love most about Papaya! is the genuineness of their work. Their products are filled with true artistry. They don't just slap something together for a quick buck. They create authentic beauty. That's why, after all these years, I'm still crushing on them.

**all images courtesy of Papaya!**

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