Monday, April 6, 2009


I enjoy the giving of gifts. In fact, I am one of those people that can hardly wait to give a gift. I've tried to restrain from giving gifts too far in advance but usually I fail miserably at that task. If I can make it to within five days of the actual gift-giving extravaganza, that is a triumph. I also like giving gifts at random moments when it is completely unexpected, such as the third Tuesday of a month with the letter "U" in it.

In honor of my love of gifts I've posted some pictures of presents I've recently made for friends and family. I can't reveal all of the recipients because everyone hasn't received their gift yet, but here they are...

A suncatcher.

Stitch markers.

A bracelet for my mom.

Colorful socks for my dad's 60th birthday celebration!

And these stitch markers I gave to me. :o)

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Harley King said...

Hey, that is not my 60 year old foot. Did the Big J, the Giant Eater, stick his smelly, stinky dwarf shaped feet inside my socks? I am going to send the wild-hair giant down your chimney.