Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Coconut Adventure

Jonathan loves coconut macaroons dipped in melted chocolate. He loves them like he loves pineapple and ham on his pizza. A whole lot.

I knew that he liked coconut macaroons and, yet, for some reason I had never attempted to make them. Maybe they scared me a bit. To me they looked slightly elaborate in structure. They seemed to be one of those sweet confections that required an extra amount of attention or it would all go horribly wrong.

Yesterday, I must of been feeling extraordinarily courageous because I got it into my head to try and surprise him with coconut macaroons. I went to Martha Stewart for help or at least her website. I found a recipe. Surprisingly, the macaroons did not look too difficult to make. So, I set forth on my coconut adventure and it turned out to be more like a stroll in the park on a perfect spring afternoon. They were super easy to make. It shocked me how easy.

Here they are, sitting around in they toasted, golden deliciousness...

I melted chocolate and even kept myself from sticking my finger in the chocolate and eating it all before it could get to the macaroons.

Then I dipped half of each one into the chocolate...


If you like toasted coconut, you have to make these. Do it! Anyone else you know who likes coconut will love you for these. So, go forth on your own coconut adventure and have fun!

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