Monday, April 20, 2009

Read A Book!

It seems that when you watch certain news programs the supposed journalists always choose the loudest and most ignorant "man on the street" to make an uninformed and, frankly, nasty statement about the current hot topic.

To these media pawns I say, "Read a book! Pick up a book and read it. Not propaganda. Not rhetoric. But literature and honest histories. Because every time you read a book your mind opens a bit more and you see the world differently. Then, maybe, you'll learn something new. And after you've read some of these stories, maybe you won't hate your neighbor so much. Maybe you'll understand them a little better. Maybe you won't be used by the media so easily. Maybe you'll make a real, positive impact on the world. Maybe."

It's just a thought.

1 comment:

Harley King said...

Amen, Sister. Preach it! Concerned about race and culture, read Sand and Fog.