Thursday, July 3, 2008


I walked into My Daily Grind yesterday to discover... own signature drink (look in the upper right hand corner of the pic)!

It all started with a bit of experimentation. Normally, they offer a delicious raspberry lemonade. I've enjoyed it many a time, but one day I decided to ask for a different flavoring. I asked for strawberry and, of course, it was tasty. After that rebellious act (which wasn't actually very rebellious), I decided to try all the fruity flavors (there was even a brief discussion about trying one of the non-fruit flavors, but we came to the conclusion that while hazelnut tastes great in coffee, it probably wouldn't work in lemonade. :oP) Thus began my pioneering adventure in extravagant lemonades. After the strawberry, it was pomegranate. That was followed by passion fruit. All yummy but not quite a taste explosion. Then I asked for peach and I LOVED IT! So, I've stopped at the peach for a bit because it's super tasty, but I will be heading on in my search for crazy, super-flavorful taste combinations.

So, if you're in downtown P-burg, stop at My Daily Grind and have a Princess Peach Lemonade!
Oh, and eat a chocolate-covered frozen banana bite too!!


sarah lou said...

yay for signature treats! how fun! i might stop down tonight before i head in to YC for a few hours!

Jonathan said...

It's not "Princess Peach lemonade" It's JOHARI's Princess Peach lemonade.

Geez! Get it right!

chango said...

Fantastic drink from a peach of a princess. Drink it in the company of hobbits, elves and dwarfs. It will refresh the soul and open the heart.