Monday, June 30, 2008

Daisies and Boxes

We cleared out the old apartment, handed over the keys and said our good-byes. We loved the apartment for its character, light and history. Unfortunately, there were many negative conditions that started to pile up without a remedy. Overtime the positive aspects found themselves buried beneath a mountain of inaction and we had to move on.

The fireplace was awesome!

Our new place is lovely and there's even a back porch for a container garden. Hooray! Right now it is full of boxes! However, the yarn has started to make its way out of the boxes.

The yarns yawned, stretched and exclaimed,
"Ooooo, light! We're so excited. Please make us into wonderfully, wonderful socks!"

On a gardening note...
I planted daisies in my parents' backyard last year (my mom loves them). They didn't flower. This year, however, they made a comback. Daisies make a day just a bit better.

Well, back to unpacking and everything else that goes along with moving. Smile!

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sarah lou said...

daisies do help a girl smile. :) glad the move went pretty smoothly and that you have things that are just as perk-y in the new place as the things you were sad to leave behind.