Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Brief Conversation About Tomatoes

A couple of days ago we put two tomato plants in the garden. A Brandywine and a Furry Yellow Hog (yep, that's its name).

Here's a conversation that occurred in the garden, following the planting of the tomatoes...

Me: (pointing at the Furry Yellow Hog) That tomato will be yellow.

Jonathan: Yellow? What about just having red ones?

Me: It'll be fun to try something new. Besides, most red tomatoes are products of convenience perpetuated by the "man".

Jonathan: The "man"?

Me: Yeah, the "man".

Jonathan: You mean Stalin?

Me: Yes, that's exactly who I mean.

He’s a cheeky one, my husband.

And for your visual pleasure:

A hosta leaf after the rain.

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