Monday, November 26, 2007

The Holidays Are In Full Swing (or just about)

I hope everyone had a really great Thanksgiving and stuffed themselves silly! I've always thought that people eat and eat and eat on Thanksgiving to fuel themselves for the December holiday madness. You definitely need your energy!

I've completed two more projects.

The poncho for my friend's daughter...

...and the 1x1 rib scarf for her son.

Now, it's on to other projects (some secret & some I'll be able to share) as the holiday knitting time-crunch begins!

Also, I made some stitch markers over the weekend.

Have a great Monday, even if it is cold & rainy outside!


Karen said...

Wow, Johari, you're really cranking out those projects! Pretty stitch markers.

sarah lou said...

the poncho is so very very adorable!! hee hee!! cute stitch markers, too. :)