Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Smile On My Face!

Sarah came over last night for some super sock knitting and brought presents from the Knitters Connection (see Karen's blog).

Who doesn't love presents?

She gave me some beautiful sock yarn from Neighborhood Fiber Co. It's called Mount Pleasant and I love it, love it, love it!

She also gave me some cute stitch markers. The sheep is too adorable!

The gifts were topped off by a Cider Moon sticker!

There's nothing better than the unexpected gift. Thanks fiber buddy, Sarah!


Karen said...

Aren't presents fun? Sarah had so much fun getting gifts for you!

sarah lou said...

correction: there's nothing better than bestowing the unexpected fiber-y treat! :) you're welcome! thanks for having us over for quality knitting time. :)

Karen said...

Hey, J, are you coming to knit tonight??

johari said...

Well, as you saw I didn't make it to S'n'B. Soon I shall return to the land of the knitting!

Karen said...

I hope so! I want to see how your socks are coming along, girlfriend. :-)