Thursday, June 28, 2007

Laughing in Flowers

I had to step away from the needles lest I throw the yarn out the window. I don't usually like to throw valuable goods out windows. Water balloons? Yes. Merino Wool Superwash & Mohair? Not so much.

It began simply enough. A desire to begin a new pair of socks.

Everything moved smoothly. The purls were purled; the knits were knitted. And then somewhere around the heel everything went horribly awry. I couldn't say exactly what happened. Only that one moment there was the happy beginnings of a charming sock and the next a wooly rat's nest had landed in my lap. The yarn broken in places, knotted in others. The frustration sat heavy in the room and so I had to walk away.

I've made peace with the yarn since then. The knots and breaks smoothed out and patched. And soon, very soon Operation Sock Creation 2.0 will commence.

I guess in the end the only thing to do is laugh. :o)


sarah lou said...

johari, that stuff is gorgeous! i'm sorry things were frustrating. i had one i had to take a break from this week, too. let me know what night next week might look good for knitting! *hugs*

Karen said...

I feel you pain, Johari. Isn't it awful when pretty yarn gets mean and ugly? You're doing great!

johari said...

I know! It's awful! Thanks for the encouragement!