Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Needed My Wellies

I woke up this morning at 5:45 a.m. and started making scones at 6. That's right! Today was the big day--The Irish Fair and baking contest in Saint Paul.

I've been working on two scone recipes the last couple weeks (read about them here and here). I decided to go ahead and enter both. We arrived around 10:00 a.m., walked to the pavilion in the park, left the scones to be judged and went out to enjoy the fair.

One of the best parts of the fair was being able to sit down and work a loom. After just a few moments passing the yarn through (I don't know the official term for that particular action) and helping to create a scarf, I was hooked. I see myself joining the Weavers Guild sometime in the future. :o)

We walked around (it was a bit muddy, hence the need for wellies), ate some fish 'n' chips and enjoyed the music. Eventually, we returned to pick up the scones and find out the results. And guess what?

First Place!

I couldn't believe it. Jonathan saw the ribbon before me and said, "Honey, you got first place."

To which I replied, "Shut up. Whatever."

I thought he was joking, turns out he wasn't.

I'm smiling. A lot.

The winning scone had apricots and crystallized ginger in it. I will post the recipe soon. I still haven't written it down or settled on all the measurements.

I kind of want to scream for joy! :o)


Harley King said...

Fantastic!!!! Congratulations!!! You are now officially IRISH. I wish I could eat one. Keep baking.

Maria King said...

Congrats! My little Mexican-Chinese & German hija! Bravo! Got to go, tears are rolling down my fat cheeks.

Jeanne said...

"Tossing the shuttle" containing the "weft" yarn is the term you seek. :-) Welcome to yet another yarn obsession. And congratulations on prize-winning scones!

Johari said...

Thanks for the terms and the congratulations. I'm really looking forward to delving further into the weaving world. :o)