Saturday, July 31, 2010

Scones And Butterflies

In a couple weeks the Irish Fair of Minnesota will be taking place in Saint Paul.

Most people know that I've always had a soft spot for all things Irish. Someday, I want to actually travel to Ireland. Jonathan and I would probably rent a couple of bicycles and ride around looking for wool, faeries and pubs. Anyone want to put on their Wellies and go with us? All are welcome.

Naturally, we plan to attend the Fair! It looks like fun with lots of events and it's free, so how can you beat that?

One of the events is a baking contest. You either have to make scones or soda bread. With a wee bit of nudging from Jonathan, I decided it'd be fun to enter some scones. Last night, I started working on a recipe.

They're sweet scones instead of savory. I'm trying out some summer fruits as well as some other ingredients. The ones I made last night are close to what I want, but the recipe still needs to be tweaked. I'm also testing a sweet glaze for them (that's why they're so shiny).

When I finish working on the scones, I'll post the recipe here.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Now on to the the butterflies!

Actually it was just one butterfly.

One very cooperative butterfly.

Early this evening we went on a walk along the Mississippi (they have great walking and biking trails along the river). While we walked, I saw a butterfly sitting on a leaf. Now most butterflies can't be bothered with photo-ops and other such nonsense. They're far too busy collecting nectar and what not. This butterfly, however, seemed to have had his fill of the sugary liquid, because he simply laid there and let me take his photo.

He stuck around for a bit and then fluttered off, apparently bored with the photo shoot. *sigh* It really is difficult to find good talent these days. ;o)

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