Friday, March 12, 2010

Morning Attempt

This morning I attempted to make the Parisian Macarons.


they're flat and bumpy.

The almonds are an issue. I have to grind them finer. Much finer. Only, I'm not sure how. The cuisinart didn't do it and the mortar and pestle didn't do it. The closest I could get was with the coffee grinder. So, I might try and do it again with that or go to the local bake shop and see what they recommend.

I think I over-cooked them too. I left them in the oven for the recommended time, but every oven is different.

I did make lovely stiff peaks of egg whites that I dyed green. But the green didn't seem to make it through the oven experience. More food coloring? I don't know.

They're definitely a delicate pastry, but I will not give up! I will prevail!!!

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