Thursday, May 1, 2008

Garden Fever

I'm lovin' all things gardening right now. This year I'm going to have my own garden at the 577 Foundation. They have a community garden program there and I got in this year. Hooray!! Except that now I'm completely consumed with garden fever. I actually read seed packets in bed last night. I dreamed about planting rows and rows of kohlrabi. I'm not even planting kohlrabi (that dream may have had something to do with the seedling tray I filled yesterday at the 577).

Every individual garden has a name, so I had to come up with one too. What did I choose? Titania's Wild Thyme. Thanks go out to Shakespeare for the inspiration. :o)

I have lots of veggies planned for the garden...
Bell Peppers
Summer Squash
Pole Beans
Celery well as herbs...
Flat-leaf Parsley
Thyme (of course)

...and I'm going to have a raised bed of flowers for cutting.

I'm going out today to get the fencing material as well as bamboo poles for vertical growth. I'm growing both the cucumbers and the pole beans vertically. I also need to get materials for making the raised beds.

I'll leave you with a picture...

This hibiscus caught my eye the other day. I think it's beautiful...

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