Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Blues & Reds & Blacks, Oh My!

I'm working with the Undertaker's Daughter yarn and making a pair of socks for Jonathan.

I only purchased one skein, so to make it last longer I've used a different color for the leg itself.

This is the first one:
Finished and Unblocked.

The second one will soon go on the needles!

Have a great day!!!!


Karen said...

Looks great, Johari!

sarah lou said...

wooohooo! that does look great! how fun with the solid leg and then variegated foot!! you might have enough to do reverse ones for yourself!! hee hee!

Johari said...

That's exactly what I'm hoping (reverse ones for me)!
Hooray for the U.D. yarn!!!

Jonathan said...

Hurry up and finish the other one! My foot is getting cold!!!!