Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Oh Chamouny & Dancing Daffodils

Today's title might seem odd, but it's in reference to my graduate school days. I took a Romanticism class and we had to read so many poems that the only way to get through them and remain sane was to read them aloud to one another in funny accents. Chamouny refers to Coleridge's poem. And Daffodils? That's Wordsworth. I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet Literary Lesson of the Day.

Why, you ask, did such an obscure memory resurface? Because of Daffodils! Specifically the Daffodil yarn that Karen gifted me with yesterday! She wasn't fond of it and I surely loved it, so she gave the yarn to me. And when I make it into socks I shall name one "Chamouny" & the other "Daffodil".

Thanks, Karen!!!

And in other yarn news...

Some awesome yarn arrived from Cider Moon via Sarah.

Two skeins of Winter Twilight in Glacier.

One skein of The Undertaker's Daughter in Glacier. The Undertaker's Daughter yarn is super exclusive and completely sold out! It's based on the webcomic by Eric Palicki (Sarah's boyfriend).

All this new yarn makes me smile!


Karen said...

You're very welcome!

sarah lou said...

YOU make ME smile! yay new yarn. :) and yay funny accents, and silly memories, inspired by yarn.

Jonathan said...

Can't wait for my Undertaker's Daughter socks/hat/whatevs!