Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blueberry Gelato for Mother's Day

My very first felt!

It all started the evening of the yarn tasting. As I wandered around the Yarn Haven both Karen and Sarah mentioned how a certain yarn would be great for a felted purse. Having entered the shop without any solid project plans, I easily came to the conclusion that a purse would be a wonderful Mother's Day gift. Thus, I left that evening with two skeins of blue yarn and a pattern for a lovely little bag named after dessert!

I knitted all weekend and spent a late night at Sarah's finishing the straps and felting (thanks!!!) and "Voila!" a tasty little blueberry concoction was created!

Happiness all around!

Bag Stats:
Approx. 1 1/2 skeins of Kraemer Yarns Mauch Chunky in Iris
Size 11 circular needles
10 1/2 double points (the store I went to didn't have size 11--I recommend going with 11)
FiberTrends Gelato Bag Pattern
One groovy button from the Yarn Haven
Magnetic purse snap
Friend support


sarah lou said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! it's gorgeous!!

it was truly a pleasure to help, i'm so impressed constantly by your enthusiasm and ambition in the world of knitting. :) can't wait to work on socks with you! ;)

Karen said...

Johari, it's fabulous! Isn't felting fun?

I know your mom will love it! :-)

Johari said...

It was so much fun! And not as difficult as I thought.

What will happen the next time we're all at the Yarn Haven?


And I can't wait to work on socks too!

Jonathan said...

I'm taking bets on how long it will be until you make YOURSELF an awesome purse... and the current guess is 1 week!

great work Johari!