Thursday, June 24, 2010

A New Zone

So, amongst all the the thoughts that fill a person's mind when moving into a new place and trying to start a new life lurks a very insistent voice in my head that really wants me to go outside and garden. I have the space to do it and the go-ahead from the landlord, but I can't bring myself to go out there and just dig. I keep telling myself that there are more important things to do right now and that I'm on a really tight budget and that gardening is not a priority. I'm trying really hard to ignore the voice, but I know there's a plot of land out there covered in weeds just wanting me to fill it up with lovely perennials.


I know that soon I'll be able to go out there and enjoy the dirt. Until then I can plot and plan and come up with all sorts of landscape ideas. I'm excited because I am in an entirely new gardening zone and I really want to add native plants to my own little garden.

However, until I have my new garden up and growing, here's a picture that I took before we left. It's some lady's mantle that I'd planted in my former garden. Enjoy the day!

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Haiku King said...

I love the new look.