Thursday, September 4, 2008

Leafy Bug Dude

Apparently, this little guy wanted to go for an early morning ride around town. It's much easier than flying and jumping everywhere.

The sunflowers I planted at my community garden are in bloom. I like them very much.

And here's a public service announcement:
Wear a helmet when riding your bike!
My husband was riding his bike home from work two weeks ago when he was hit by a mini-van. It was the driver's fault. He's banged up, bruised, his knees hurt a lot and he has to do some physical therapy for his neck, back and knees, but, relatively speaking, he's doing good. Also, his helmet cracked, but it protected his noggin from cracking. So, don't trust that people in vehicles are paying attention and wear your helmet. You might think that a bicycle helmet isn't on your list of fashionable apparel, but like my father-in-law says, "In a fight between a car and a bike, the car always wins."

1 comment:

sarah lou said...

eeeep! i was just thinking of you two, yesterday! glad to hear that jonathan is ok!

hope the summer treated you both well and that you got over your strep quickly and treated it with mucho ice creamy goodness while it lasted.

miss you!