Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sparkly Thumb Of Approval!

The booties were so easy to do I couldn't help but knit another pair! I used the sparkling sock yarn from the first pair of socks I ever made. It's kinda hard to see the sparkles, but they're there. Oh yes, they are there!

Drumroll, please!

I have finished the sweater!
Okay, so it's three months after Christmas, but it's done!!!!!
Hooray! Yippeee! Hallelujah!!!

I used seed stitch for the cuff and bottom edging.

The approving thumbs up.

And last night I started working on another pair of socks for my dad. It's the Thuja pattern that Sarah hearts so much. Now I know why. It's fun, easy and quick! I'm using Tiny Toes yarn from Interlacements.

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