Friday, January 11, 2008

If You Don't Like Glitter, Read No Further.

Lately, I've been spending a lot of my time creating mixed-media artwork and my dining table is a mess. I just finished one painting and will soon start working on another. For me painting, drawing, playing with glitter, etc. are great catalysts for sparking the imagination and actually helping me write. I think they're most helpful because I stop worrying about perfection and simply enjoy the process. Basically, the act of painting knocks out that nasty, foul-smelling internal editor. So, three cheers for glitter and hot pink paint!

I haven't done a whole lot of knitting in the last few weeks. I did make a hat out of some Berroco Comfort but I don't have a picture. Speaking of pictures, my camera needs new batteries. Ahem...that was my random thought of the day.

Now my brain has moved on and I'm currently wondering if I should go try another bread recipe. Beer bread, anyone?


sarah lou said...

i'm down the street, today, if you need a change of scenery. :)

i also like bread. ;)

ha! i miss you! sorry i've been bad at correspondence!

also, i love glitter! you know sparkly is my favorite color! hee!

Junior said...

Hot Pink and Bread. Oh, for more random thoughts to break up the boredom of the moment. Where did the bread go? To some hospital in the sky? I'm off to Florida to see the lizards and find a sink hole. Help me, my friend, for I am lost in a thicket of random thoughts.