Thursday, September 6, 2007

PB&J & Birthday Gifts...Hooray!

Sarah and I enjoyed a fun knitting night yesterday. She ordered the most AMAZING smoothie. It is now my new absolute favorite. It's called PB&J and it tastes just like it too!

Sarah also brought birthday presents for me. And I love every single thing!

Lovely yarns (one is cashmere and the other is handspun wool from a local Ohio farm).

A yarn cutter and cute heart stitch markers!

And a cool tote, just the right size for sock yarn! I've already put my current sock project inside!

Thanks, Sarah!!!!!!!!! Let's get more PB&J soon!


sarah lou said...

i could eat/drink one of those every day. *drool*

glad you liked your treats. i always like to amass them for you!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday, Johari! <3