Tuesday, August 28, 2007

When I Think Campfire, I Think S'mores!

I'm imagining a colorway of dark chocolates and whites dusted with a caramel coloring surrounded by graham cracker browns. I'd call it S'mores. Yummy! If only I knew how to dye yarn.

I have about six different knitting projects in progress.

This week I'm concentrating on socks for my dad. I'm using Cider Moon's Campfire Socks pattern. It's the Winter Twilight colorway in Glacier.

Also, my violets are in bloom! This little plant came to me about three years ago. The previous owner feared they might die under her care. Now, they live happily on our windowsill.


Karen said...

Great sock in progress! Know what? My African Violet is blooming too. It was my aunt's... she died 3 yrs. ago, and it's blooming for the first time since then. I'm taking it as a good sign. :-)

Johari said...

I think it is a very good sign! :o)

Harley King said...

I remember the s'mores from my youth around the campfire. The fun was roasting the marshmellows in the fire with a stick that I sharpened with a knife.

My grandmother (your great grandmother) had lots of violets in her apartment. And don't forget her cinnoman rolls. (So I can't spell, sue me.)

Dad the marshmellow man